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Wendy Hamilton ,  Senior Vice President

We believe publications such as Pharmafocus Asia are essential in providing professionals with insights into the dynamic and evolving trends of the Pharma industry.

1. With the advancement of our understanding of pathobiology of many cancers, many biologically targeted agents have been developed. This requires a paradigm shift in clinical development, based on rational design and moving towards personalized medicine. Would you like to comment on this?

We completely agree. The field of oncology is moving rapidly and while we haven't yet reached truly "personalized" medicine, we are seeing increased focus on understanding the molecular segments within a disease and designing targeted therapies to address these segments. One of the applications we have developed focuses on understanding patient segments. We are continuing to expand our capabilities in this area.

2. Wendy, what motivated you to enter the Pharma sector, and then choose to develop such a technology in oncology?

Thomson Reuters has offered information and intelligence for the pharmaceutical market for many years. The advent of these Decision Support solutions came from the introduction of our newest platform, Thomson Reuters Cortellis, and a collaboration with AstraZeneca who commissioned us and our Professional Services team to create these visualizations to help them make better decisions faster.

3. With all the breakthroughs and advancements in oncology drugs which are offered to patients with cancer, community oncologists recognize there is a crucial link between the acquisition and management of the oncologics and the quality of care delivered to their patients. What is your perception in this regard?

It is both a huge opportunity and a huge demand on oncologists to utilize new and not-so-new therapies in a way that gives the best results for the individual patient. As an information provider, we hope to at least help them to be aware of the available therapies and the current weight of thinking in favor of one approach versus another

4. Thomson Reuters Cortellis has been in the Pharmaceutical domain for many years, would you like to share some insights on the company's growth and expansion in this sector?

Cortellis is actually quite new and cutting edge. Its predecessor solutions such as Thomson Reuters Pharma are built on a long and strong legacy of very rich, manually curated information that our clients heavily rely upon. Cortellis is our latest technology platform that will serve as the delivery mechanism for this and more information and is extensible via its API's, visualization capabilities and cloud-based information integration options

5. What do you think is important in the Pharmaceutical Sector while designing a software or providing an integrated solution for the customers?

Fast, reliable, secure and relevant information management and delivery that is flexible and can fit into our clients' workflow at many steps of the process - this is what is important in the pharmaceutical sector when providing technical solutions.

Key to these applications is the concept of "actionable information". The data needs to be presented such that users can interact with the data, get just the data they need and apply it in their day-to-day activities.

6. What were the areas focused while designing Mobile Oncology Decision Support Solution? What is the overall market size of Oncology Decision Support Solution in Asian region and across the globe?

There are 17 companies with over 750 active development projects focused on Oncology in APAC; globally nearly 160 companies are developing over 6,000 oncology drugs currently (according to our databases).

7. Can you give a brief limelight on the various products & solutions provided by Thomson Reuters Cortellis to its clients?

Cortellis was specially designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the pharma industry, providing critical insights from drug discovery to patent information. This cutting-edge web portal enables our clients to accelerate their decision-making and expand their portfolio with quick access to critical information that offers direct answers to direct questions. The analytics and visualization tools, including our new oncology dashboard, allow for our clients to easily spot trends and crucial insights within our extensive Life Sciences database. They can quickly interrogate data to enhance therapeutic decisions, drug development decisions and gain essential competitive intelligence.

8. Tell us something about your future endeavors, and new applications Thomson Reuters Cortellis is coming up with? Which are your most successful implementations in Pharmaceutical sector globally so far? Would you like to share some of the inputs in terms of testimonials/feedback received from your customers?

We have worked with a variety of major players in the Pharma industry to enhance their client offerings with comprehensive and timely scientific data and competitive intelligence. Some of our recent partnerships which allow access to Thomson Reuter's data include Accelrys's Pipeline Pilot, Entagen's Triple Map, IDBS's E-book and Symbiosis's ARChem

9. Pharmafocus Asia, a leading Pharma title in print and digital versions reaches directly to key industry professionals & the decision makers in the Pharmaceutical industry. The magazine addresses the most significant developments, trends and features opinions and analyses by respected leaders from the Pharmaceutical industry. What do you think about our magazine who is into promoting & branding Pharma industry today on such a wide scale?

We believe publications such as Pharmafocus Asia are essential in providing professionals with insights into the dynamic and evolving trends of the Pharma industry.

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