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Tech Specs

Magazine - Pharma Focus Asia

Mechanical Details

Page Bleed, Trim and Type

Double Page Spread

Double Page Spread - Sample                  Ad Size                  Height(A)                  Width(B)                  
Page Type                  248mm                  380mm                  
Page Trim                  273mm                  406mm                  
Page Bleed                  279mm                  412mm                  


Full Page and Covers

Full Page                  Ad Size                  Height(A)                  Width(B)                  
Page Type                  248mm                  178mm                  
Page Trim                  273mm                  203mm                  
Page Bleed                  279mm                  209mm                  


Half Page Horizontal

Half Page Horizontal                                                      105mm                  



1/3rd Page Vertical Outer

1/3 Page Vertical Outer                                                      221mm                  



1/3rd Page Product Flash

1/6th Page Product Flash                                                      70mm                  




Island                                                      65mm                  



GateFold Cover 2-Pages

GateFold Cover 2-Pages                    
Page Type                  248mm                  380mm                  
Page Trim273mm406mm
Page Bleed279mm412mm


GateFold Inner 2-Pages

GateFold Inner 2-Pages                                     
Page Type                  248mm                  380mm                  
Page Trim273mm406mm
Page Bleed279mm412mm




InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator & High resolution PDF (file must have all images at 300dpi with fonts embedded)
(Not Compatible: PageMaker, Coreldraw or any other software or files from the Internet)

Pictures Resolution

300dpi at 100% scaling for images, either as TIFF, JPG, EPS, or PDF


All colours to be CMYK breakdowns, including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files


Include all print and screen fonts


1. Advertisers are provided with one copy of the publication only
2. Requirement for extra copies needs to be indicated at the time of approving the advert. Such copies entail extra charges @ US$ 25 per copy, plus cost of delivery
3. The above ad tariff is exclusive of the Ad agency commission
4. Corporate Showcase (8-pages) option entails flash of your logo on the cover page bottom part (Size: 20 mm X 35 mm)
5. Font "Adobe Garamond Pro" is not allowed for the contents of corporate showcase
To discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities please contact
Email: [email protected]

Online -

About Banners

Offered on the homepage and all the sections of the website are positioned to attract the attention of the readers.
Complying with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes, the full banner gives you the right space to showcase your company's services and offerings. A prominent and well thought out positioning across the website including search results, Services & Solutions listings, profiles and articles attracts the readers attention.


BANNER TYPE                  DIMENSIONS (px)                  MAX FILE SIZE                  FILE FORMAT                  
Prime Banner800*22050 kbGIF, JPEG
Sky Tower Banner300*60050 kbGIF, JPEG
Leader Board Banner                  728*9040 kbGIF, JPEG
Top/Full Banner468*6030 kbGIF, JPEG
Base Banner468*6030 kbGIF, JPEG
Square Banner300*25025 kbGIF, JPEG

e-Newsletter - Verticaltalk Pharma

'Verticaltalk Pharma' -- The e-Newsletter for the pharma industry's key decision makers.

The database of e-newsletter audience comprises a multitude of high-profile decision makers from the pharma industry who are the regular users of the website. In essence the key market segment built to suit your positioning.

e-Newsletter Banner

Offers the best position on the newsletter which is most visible and attracts the attention of our readers. This position offers lot of space for your creative ads (preferably an animated GIF).


BANNER TYPE                  DIMENSIONS (px)                  MAX FILE SIZE                  FILE FORMAT                  
Leader Board Banner                  728*9040 kbJPEG
Top/Full Banner468*6030 kbJPEG
Article / Interview 800 WordsMS-Word


Exclusive e-Newsletter Sponsorship

An opportunity to use ALL advertisement options in a chosen issue of the newsletter to leverage the benefits of exclusivity at a competitive price. The sponsorship is a package that combines all offerings - banners, skyscraper, contextual position to maximise visibility to your marketing messages.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing messages are sent by e-mail to the exclusive database of Pharma Focus Asia, comprising high-profile business executives from the pharma industry who are the key decision makers. The database consists of executives who are opt-in subscribers, identified by our research team. It is updated regularly. Our e-newsletters enjoy high hit rates and click throughs. The minimum order is 5,000 subscribers and orders should be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Note: All the mailshots are sent to the executives in our database. The mailshots will carry a clear text message describing the sender and also instructions to unsubscribe.

Data Reported
Only open rates and click-through reports are available. Rich media and Javascripts are not accepted.

Creative Specifications

Name                  Direct Marketing Email Message                                                      
Width                  550 pixels (recommended)
Height                  600 pixels (recommended)
Compatible                  All major email providers like Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc.,
FormatsHTML with inline CSS
DestinationClick-through URL and ALT text
LinksSeperately in Notepad
ImagesSeperatley in Good Quality
magazine-slider-imageHexagon - Expert Insights WebinarMFA + MMA 20244th Annual Cleaning Validation 20242nd Annual Pharma Impurity Conclave 2024CPHI Korea 2024CHEMICAL INDONESIA 2024World Orphan Drug Congress Europe 2024INALAB 2024Thermo Fisher - Drug Discovery and the impact of mAbsAdvanced Therapies USA 2024ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference & Exhibition 20242024 PDA Aseptic Manufacturing Excellence Conference2024 PDA Aseptic Processing of Biopharmaceuticals Conference